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Inauguration of the AVA Regional Offices

The Afghan Veterinary Association (AVA) is pleased to announce that in 2009, a historic year for the organisation, three of the four new Regional Offices were formally opened as dedicated AVA buildings in Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad and the latest in the capital Kabul. The opening ceremonies of the newly constructed buildings in these centers were attended by the Director and Team Leader of the Horticulture and Livestock Project (HLP); Country Director of the World Bank, Team Leader of the World Bank Review Mission, 7 Provincial Directors of Agriculture, 8 Provincial Veterinarians, the Deputy Governor for Balkh, Jalalabad and Kabul Provinces, as well as AVA members and Government veterinarians from Balkh. In addition, Dr Said Gul Safi President and Program Manager of AVA and Dr. Susan Chadima representing Maine VMA and AVMA in the US were present.


Jalal Abad

These three Regional Offices are the first to be completed in a well managed process and the 4th building is being constructed in Kandahar. The cost of construction and furnishing these centers are funded by a grant from the World Bank.

The buildings of these four Regional Centers are of similar design and will provide AVA staff and membership with modern facilities, office equipments, internet access and spacious office space to support its regional staff and programs. All of these buildings are located on the main roads of the respective city for easy access and are provided with fuel powered generators and/or main grid electricity supply. All of the centers have solar powered reliable electricity supply for its refrigerators used in the AVA vaccination programs.



AVA’s new offices will provide it with the physical base it needs to implement its mission of advancing veterinary medicine and supporting its members, through the distribution of quality vaccines and medicine; continuous training and education; and the development of the private veterinary sector.

Future AVA plans includes construction of new buildings for the remaining three regions including Heart, Kunduz and Gardez in the near future Insha Allah.

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