Advancing Veterinary Science
AVA Annual Convention

Afghanistan Veterinary Association (AVA) held its 1st Annual Convention on 4th and 5th September 2007 at Kabul Serena Hotel. This occasion was attented by more than 850 Veterinarians, Assistant Veterinarians, and Para Vet's working with NGO's, Universities and Ministry of Agriculture and Live stock.
Introduction of AVA by Dr. Said Gul Safi, Chairman and Program Manager

High level Officials of Kabul, Ningarhar and Herat Univeristies and various departments of Ministry of Agriculture and Live Stock were present during different sessions. Representatives from AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), USDA AND USAID were also invited and attended the convention.

During this Event, members from various parts of the country met each other and exchanged their ideas and experiences. During One and a Half day Seminar, variuos technical Presentations were conducted which were highly appreciated and liked by the attendants.

A part from discussion of Technical issues, exhibition of animal remedies, vaccines, clinical equipments and productions were made available and was well received by the participants.
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