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International Activities of AVA

The Afghan Veterinary Association like any other professional organization seeks to establish relationships, professional collaboration, exchange of ideas and build up international networks in order to rebuild veterinary infrastructure in Afghanistan. AVA has sought assistnce from various international agencies and consultants to further the objectives of this noble cause.

AVA has established a strong relationship with AVMA since 2004, attending AVMA annual meetings.

Reports of these visits and exchanges are included in this page of AVA Website

Survey Results of AVA Presentation to AVMA meeting in July 2009

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AVMA hosts foreign colleagues arranges Hill visits

This summer, veterinary representatives from Astralia and Afghanistan made separate visits to AVMA offices, followed by call on Capitol Hill arranged by by AVMA staff.

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Head of Afghan Veterinary Association learns from AVMA

Visit strengthens ties between organizations

"We are a very young association, and we have a lot to learn from the AVMA. The AVMA is in a position that they want to help us, and that helps both sides—we share what we are doing, and they share what they are doing."


For nearly three weeks in April, the AVMA hosted Dr. Said Gul Safi, president and CEO of the Afghan Veterinary Association. It was an educational tour for the head of the relatively young association, who plans on incorporating much of what he learned into AVA operations.

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Afghan veterinary association finds its way

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