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Veterinary Animal Health and Training Centre
Of Afghanistan Veterinary Association (AVA)

The Veterinary Animal Health and Training Centre has recently been established in Kabul within the framework of this organisation and includes the following specialised sections:

  1. Veterinary Medicine and Dermatology Section - fully equipped with current technology and equipment including ultrasound imaging, colour echocardiography, X-ray machines with 300 m capacity (mobile and fixed) and other essential veterinary equipment/instruments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes of diseased animals.
  2. Gynaecology and Urology Section - equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic instruments allowing detailed system examination during pregnancies, intrauterine injections/inoculations and therapy.
  3. The Surgical unit is built with international standards and has modern anaesthesia and sterilisation facilities, including ultraviolet disinfection light of surgical room.
  4. Avian Section is staffed with competent practitioners of avian diseases Practitioners and is well resourced including laboratory diagnostic facilities.
  5. Eyes and Ears Department has access to standard diagnostic tools and medicines.
  6. Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory – is equipped with up to date technologies including Microlab -300 capable of performing 20 different diagnostic bloods, urine analyzer and other biological tests. The Blood Analyser and advanced microscopic equipment attached to modern visual and telescopic cameras are available for training of veterinary professionals as well as diagnostic work of conditions caused by parasites, bacteria and fungi. The laboratory is capable of bacterial cultures and serological tests for detection of bacterial and viral infections.
  7. Veterinary Pharmacy Veterinary medicines with high quality animal remedies and vaccines that have been purchased from well known sources in the USA, United Kingdom, Jordon, Nether land and , Pakistan and India. These are available at a very competitive and below market prices.
  8. Health Certificates -This centre provides health certificates and vaccine inoculation Passports to pets being treated and destined for international travel.
  9. Veterinary activities at this centre are performed by experienced veterinary specialists.
    It is noteworthy that the Veterinary is services provided at this centre have no parallel in this country or the region.

Hence, we hereby notify all animal owners and veterinary professionals in Kabul and Provinces that the centre is ready to assist in the treatment of all types of animal diseases. As a veterinary reference centre, the centre can assist you when having difficulty in the diagnosis unusual animal conditions (including diseases of small and large ruminants, carnivores or birds). You are welcome to approach this centre and benefit for the services provided.

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