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Rural Community Development - Improving the livelihood in Food Security Addressing Village Women through distribution pullets in the province of Kunar

This Project Started from the month of April 2010 and Continue till now. The Objective of the Project is to increase the income of rural women in the Kunar province. The need of such a project arises from the districts council and elder, which they introduce the needy and low income women to the project in order to take the benefit of such opportunity.
This project cover at least 3 districts such as Manogia, Noorgal and Asad-abad, from each of the district select the needy and poor family for distributing the pullets. Each poor and needy family receive 2 months old chicken from which 2 male and 10 female plus complete housing materiel, including door, windows and many other things which is required for their rearing. Beside the above mentioned materials, each family have been given one bag of 50 kg feed ration, including feeder and drinker.
To improve and prevent the pullets from the diseases, the AVA has arranged a good vaccination program to be implemented by his district Veterinarian. The doctors have the responsibility to visit each family for the sake of vaccinations. Treatment of required in each visit veterinarian sign the register book provided to each family.
It is mentionable that the total distributed pullets are about 3768 and the process is continuing.

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