Advancing Veterinary Science

Message from the Publication Department
The AVA Newsletters

One of the most important professional activities of AVA is to provide each member with 2 newsletters 4 times a year. The Animal Health and Animal Production newsletters are written in Dari and Pashto, and contain professional and scientific articles related to veterinary medicine which provide a source of updated information and current news events to Afghan veterinary professionals.

The newsletters also serve as a source of information about AVA itself and related veterinary activities in the country. The newsletter is also distributed to government, universities and other NGOs working in animal health and veterinary medicine.

The newsletter serves as an open forum, and members are encouraged to write and submit articles to share with other members. Updates from the field about cases seen, disease outbreaks or unusual problems and their solutions are of particular interest. Any member can submit an article that will be considered by the Editor for inclusion in a future newsletter. Please contribute your valuable and fruitful thoughts and ideas, and keep sharing your written essays and compositions.

To submit an article for consideration in the newsletter, please contact Us by following Address.

Doctor ShuarGul Faqiri, Senior Publication Officer of AVA
Kabul 0093-799-423761
Juma Gul Arab, IT/IT Trainer of AVA
Kabul 0093-799-367289

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and contributions.