Advancing Veterinary Science

Recent Activities of AVA

Our targets for this year are such as follow:

General refresher course for field personal working with various.

Organization 520 persons and the duration of course will be 2 weeks.

200 field personals will be trained in diseases surveillance technique.

200 field personals will be trained in extension activities.

200 field personals will be trained in sanitary mandate.

200 field personals will be trained in laboratory technician course.

Rural Community Development - Improving the livelihood in Food Security Addressing Village Women through distribution pullets in the province of Kunar

Ten Paravets from Farah Province were trained in Kandahar regional Office and returned on 31 may to their relative districts.

Twenty Paravets from Kunar and Noristan Provinces are under training in Jalalabad regional Office.

Ten Artificial Insemination and Ten Laboratory technicians from Farah and Urozgan Provinces Successfully completed their courses and returned to their relative districts for services deliveries.

17 Artificial Insemination and 17 Laboratory technicians were trained from Paktia and Paktika Provinces 15 Jalalabad training center and returned to their relative districts.

12 Spring Vaccination and drenching campaign were Carried & various districts and Support of ADT Kunar.

Spring vaccination and drenching campaign and FMD ring vaccination Campaigns were carried at Paktia and Paktiaka provinces which was Support of ADT Paktia.

350 Farmers including 100 women attended one day formers awareness Seminars in Farah Province regarding Animal health and production.

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