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AVA Training Programs

AVA trains students on each Veterinary Section and also helps students of Faculties to improve their learning & skills.

AVA Training Activities during March 2015 up to June 18, 2015

160 Veterinary technical staff including Veterinarians, Assist. Vets and Para Vets staff were trained for two weeks in Necropsy, OIE diseases in three training centers at Kabul, Mazar and Jalalabad.

30 Veterinary technical staff of Paktia and Khost provinces were refreshed in clinical skills, Clinical Pharmocology, Infectiouse diseases,Iimmunology & Vaccinology for two weeks course in kabul.

15 Technical staff of Paktia and Khost provinces were refreshed for two weeks in Genecology at Kabul.

1. Pictures of Clinical skills Course

2. Pictures of 4th Necropsy Course

AVA Training Activities during the year 2011 up to 31 May 30, 2011

It is obvious that the AVA has always strived its best to offer good quality services for its members for the sake of improvement their professional skill, because there is close relationship between animal health and productions.

Therefore, this year the AVA decided to conduct some training activities with the financial assistance of Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock and World Bank in different regions of the country. For example, in Jalalabad and Mazar region about 40 Paraveterinarians are under training for duration of 5 months who will be assigned to their relative districts to provide animal heath services which they do not had it yet. In addition to that 113 person are trained as laboratory technicians to provide service and improve the quality of animal health service. Similarly, a 6 weeks refresher course for 30 persons was offered in the province of Charikar. The general refresher course has taken place for 211 persons in Mazar, Charikar and Herat regions. Also 79 persons have participated in sanitary mandate course. The most important activities like extension service and disease surveillance have offered in the province of Charikar for 79 and 80 respectively.

AVA hopes that after the improvement of personnel’s qualification of field staff, they will be able to do their best in the field of diseases control and to offer good quality of Animal health and production for their relative communities.

There courses will be continued and our targets for this year are such as follow:

General refresher course for field personal working with various.

Organization 520 persons and the duration of course will be 2 weeks.

200 field personals will be trained in diseases surveillance technique.

200 field personals will be trained in extension activities.

200 field personals will be trained in sanitary mandate.

200 field personals will be trained in laboratory technician course.

On each year we are training a lot of students in Veterinary Field and one who wanna to attend our Training Course Please Contact with us by following Address:

AVA Head Office Kabul.
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